2023 Youth Open Championships
Expo Bowl
5261 Elmwood Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
July 12-30, 2023

You may know adult USBC members have their own national bowling tournaments called the USBC Open Championships and the USBC Women’s Championships. But did you know there is a national championship for youth bowlers?

The Youth Open Championships is open to all USBC Youth members! The Youth Open is a non-qualifying tournament, which means you don’t have to have a certain average and you don't have to qualify from a league or state tournament. Simply put – if you are a USBC Youth member, you can bowl in the Youth Open.

At the Youth Open Championships, you will bowl nine games total – three games each of singles, doubles and four-player team. Your combined scores from those events will be your optional all-events score.

All scores are scratch, and doubles and singles events are bowled on the same day while team competition is on another day. You can request the specific squad dates and times when you want to compete, and you may enter the team event without bowling singles and doubles. However, if you choose to compete in singles, you must also bowl doubles - just as all doubles pairs also must bowl in the singles event. Teams and doubles pairs may be of the same gender or a mix of boys and girls.

If you're competing in the Junior Gold Championships, remember that the Youth Open Championships is held in the same city, so you also can bowl in the Youth Open with your friends and siblings who are USBC Youth members.

The Youth Open Championships – it’s a great chance to compete in a national bowling tournament and have fun meeting new friends from around the country.

800-514-BOWL, ext. 8426