FAQs for 2014 Women's Championships changes

Complete details about USBC Women's Championships changes

What prompted the change to four-player teams?
Surveys and other feedback from bowlers have told us they want four-player teams. It makes it easier for them to travel as a group and set up pairings for doubles and singles.

How will more divisions help the USBC Women's Championships?
Our goal is to provide an environment that allows bowlers of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to compete and be successful on the championship lanes.

Since we've gone away from the handicap format, we feel the additional divisions (four for team and six for doubles, singles and all-events) will help ensure the bowlers only are competing against competitors with similar skill levels.

Why is handicap being eliminated?
By changing the divisional structure, we believe we also are leveling the playing field to a point where handicap no longer is necessary. The average breakdown will make sure no one is competing with anyone beyond their skill level. It also will be an exciting return to the traditional roots of the Women's Championships, which has been going strong since 1916.

What is the total cost per team?
The total for a four-player team will be $560, and that includes all processing fees if the team captain enters online. Entering by mail, fax or phone will require an additional $10 processing fee per team and $10 for each doubles/singles set.

Does all of the extra money go to cover expenses?
No. The entry fee increase is $20 total, and nearly half will go directly to the prize fund, which traditionally pays the bowlers between $1-2 million.

Can I still bowl in the team event with my regular team and again as a substitute with another team?
USBC Women's Championships participants will continue to be allowed to bowl on a second team as a substitute. Please note that the bowler's all-events standing will be determined by her first appearance in the team event. For more info, see tournament rules.

Will the Women's Championships continue to be held in convention centers like 2010 and 2011?
The convention-center setting was an exciting addition to the Women's Championships. It certainly provides an amazing championship atmosphere. While the tournament will remain in Reno, Nev., the 2013 and '14 events will shift from the one-of-a-kind National Bowling Stadium to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, where 44 lanes, office and vendor space and spectator seating will be custom-built.

Moving forward, USBC's search for host cities will include places with available convention space or traditional bowling centers large enough to welcome more than 30,000 bowlers from around the country.

What are the new divisions going to be at the Women's Championships?

Team Divisions (based on the combined average of all four bowlers):

* Diamond (725 and above)
* Ruby (650-724)
* Emerald (575-649)
* Sapphire (574 and below)

Doubles Divisions (based on the combined average of the two bowlers):

* Division 1 (380 and above)
* Division 2 (350-379)
* Division 3 (320-349)
* Division 4 (290-319)
* Division 5 (260-289)
* Division 6 (259 and below)

Singles and All-Events Divisions:

* Division 1 (190 and above)
* Division 2 (175-189)
* Division 3 (160-174)
* Division 4 (145-159)
* Division 5 (130-144)
* Division 6 (129 and below)