Sports Challenge Network launches XBowling 2.0

XBowling has released version 2.0 of its popular app that allows bowlers to use their mobile devices to earn rewards by competing against each other virtually.

Created by Sports Challenge Network, XBowling 2.0 has been fully redesigned and is available for free in the Apple and Google app stores. It features a new user interface, a better user experience and is easier to navigate.

XBowling serves as the title sponsor for the XBowling Intercollegiate Team and Singles Championships and also provides frame-by-frame live scoring for the United States Bowling Congress Open and Women's Championships.

"With the bowling industry, I was amazed to see a sport that has been around for so long, is so large, yet lacked major innovations to drive growth based on new technology and new types of player experiences," Sports Challenge Network founder and CEO Tim Minard said. "The question for us then became, how can we add value and increase participation and excitement in the sport utilizing technology in new ways and create an exciting experience to bring in more bowlers more often to the bowling center and to create new players?"

The answer was to use mobile technology, smart devices, loyalty and reward programs, major brand involvement and social network integration to energize the game for both serious and recreational bowlers.

Players will find it easy to navigate and quickly locate game information, credit and point balances, leaderboard status, user statistics, live bowling scores across all XBowling-enabled centers, and industry news.
With real-time integration with scoring systems in more than 270 bowling centers in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, XBowling offers bowlers multiple opportunities to compete against themselves and each other regardless of their location and when they bowl.

XBowling's call to action, "Bowl. Have Fun. Win Prizes.," now takes on new meaning as players can enter a variety of challenges, such as XBowl Mania, Lotto Bowl, or Beat Your Average, and challenge one or many players to a Head-to-Head competition. Winners get SCN Reward Points that are redeemable for great merchandise and sports gear quickly and easily through the app itself.

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