USA Deaf Sports Federation seeks bowlers for U.S. team

The USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) committee on Bowling is accepting resumes for bowlers who would like to compete for the United States at the World Deaf Bowling Championship (WDBC) in Bologna, Italy, from August 20-30, 2015.

In addition to having documented hearing loss hearing of at least 55 dB on a recent audiologist-certified audiogram, bowlers must meet average requirements of 190 or higher for men and 170 or higher for women in two of the last three years. Complete criteria can be found on the USADSF website at or click here.

The deadline to submit resumes is January 10, 2015. Resumes can be sent to Ed Abakumoff, Chairperson USADSF Ad-Hoc Bowling committee, at edabba91@gmail.

Team selection will be done by resume and interviews. Use the information in the Bowling Athlete criteria as a guide for your resume, and be sure to include your email address and phone or videophone number.

There will be a six-woman team and a six-man team plus one alternate for each team.

The World Deaf Bowling Championships will be governed by World Bowling rules and will use Sport lane patterns. The events in the WDBC are Singles, Doubles, Trios, 5-person Team and match play for the top qualifiers.