South Carolina bowler makes 50th consecutive appearance at USBC Women's Championships

By Ethan Resh
USBC Communications

- Karen Bostian of Hilton Head, South Carolina, became the sixth and final bowler at the 2019 United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships to celebrate five decades on the lanes after she made her 50th consecutive tournament appearance.

060819KarenBostianPlaque_637Bostian made her debut at the 1970 event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she was recognized for her longevity this week at Northrock Lanes with a plaque, chevron and commemorative necklace.

In all, the USBC Women's Championships has brought her to 32 cities and 24 states.

"Honestly, it has been a goal to reach 50 years," Bostian said. "I'm not quite sure why, but it just feels so good to be able to bowl year after year and be able to get out and travel."

Competing at the event has allowed Bostian to experience many fun opportunities on and off the lanes.

"My favorite trips had to be going to Anaheim and Tampa because it allowed me to be able to go to both Disney parks," Bostian said. "But the 75th edition of the Women's Championships in Lansing, Michigan, has to be my all-time favorite. We had so much fun with all the entertainment and ended up going to such great banquets to eat at."

Bowling each year is a project for Bostian, stating that every year she has a simple getaway to go somewhere new and be able to bowl with her friends.

"Things changed with who I used to bowl with," Bostian said. "But, I absolutely love bowling with my Montana friends."

Bostian was introduced to the Women's Championships thanks to some of her friends that were on her local association board in Frederick, Maryland.

"One day, my friend said let's go bowl," Bostian said. "Ever since then, I just stuck with it."

In her 50th appearance, Bostian rolled scores of 406 in doubles, 337 in team and 334 in singles for an all-events total of 1,077, and she also shared some advice for those looking to start their own run to 50 years at the event.

"First of all, you need to make sure to have fun, but you need to come prepared," Bostian said. "If you have a coach, work with and listen to them. You always want to make the bowling easy when you come out here."

Other bowlers joining the 50-Year Club at the 2019 Women's Championships included Marcie Baker of Fredericktown, Missouri; Muriel Casey of Fairfax, Virginia; Marilyn Miller of Two Rivers, Wisconsin; Marie Neugebauer of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania; and Fran Smith of Marshalltown, Iowa.

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