Chrissy Lee

Director through July 31, 2024
Elected by delegates

Chrissy Lee of Tampa, Florida, began her first term on the board during the 2021-2022 season. She has served on both her state and local boards for nearly 20 years, serving as vice president and president of the Monmouth County USBC. Prior to the merge, she served on both the Monmouth County USBC BA and WBA boards. She also served on both the New Jersey State USBC WBA and the New Jersey State USBC Boards of Directors. She has served as chairperson on many committees within the various associations. She recently was elected to serve as a director for the Greater Tampa USBC. She has served as a delegate to the USBC Annual Convention 12 times and has been a delegate to state conventions on 22 occasions. She was inducted into the Monmouth County USBC Hall of Fame in 2020. She’s worked as a preschool teacher for over 25 years.