League Details

Facts to know before joining a league

  • Do you lead a busy life? The length and schedules of leagues vary. Find the one that fits your schedule.
  • An average adult bowler burns 240 calories per hour and uses 134 muscles during the basic four-step approach.
  • In most leagues you pay weekly. Your fee includes: lane rental, prize fund, league awards and league parties.
  • It's best to visit the pro shop and get your own equipment, but you can use a house bowling ball and rental shoes.

Items to Consider when joining a league

  • What day of the week do you want to bowl?
  • How many people do you want on your team?
  • Do you put together a team or join an existing one?
  • What is your average bowling score per game?
  • How many weeks would you like to bowl in a league?

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