Christopher Floyd

Director through July 31, 2024
Elected by IBC Youth Committee

Christopher Floyd of Lockport, Louisiana, joins the USBC Board of Directors for the first time in the 2023-2024 season and is part of the IBC Youth Committee. Floyd is the 2018 David Dahms Coach of the Year, and he has been an active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard for nearly 30 years, currently as the Commanding Officer of the Project Residence Office Lockport. He is a USBC Silver coach and has coached youth bowlers in centers in Maryland, Virginia and Louisiana for the last 15 years. He also has coached on the high school level and has served on several local and state associations in various roles, including vice president and president since 2014. He has served as the chair of the Louisiana State USBC Youth Committee. He holds a Master of Science in Sports Management.