The USBC Coaching department is the only coaching program for bowling recognized by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and offers programming used throughout the world to help further athlete development in the sport.

USBC Coaching provides educational seminars during the year to help individuals improve their skill set and achieve their goals as a trained coach. The program features four levels (Level I, Bronze, Silver and Gold) to help coaches work with athletes on physical aspects of the sport and improve their mental preparation.

Level I serves as the introductory program for those looking to get involved with coaching for the first time, while those who earn Gold-trained status have exhibited a dedication to their craft that rivals obtaining a PhD in a field of study. 

For more information on each level of training, please visit the appropriate page.

The main focus of the USBC Coaching program is to provide coaches of all levels with the necessary materials to be successful. We continuously work to build strong relationships with proprietors, pro shop operators and bowlers around the world to create resources specifically to improve the program.

We hope these resources help you progress in your journey as a coach.

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