Level I Training

In any sport, a coach needs to have a solid foundation of knowledge.

The USBC Coaching Level I online training covers bowling fundamentals. Topics include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a coach
  • Progression of skills from two-handed delivery to the basic four-step approach
  • Sport safety
  • Maintaining a positive teaching approach and environment
  • Strikes and spares
  • Keeping score
  • Adding fun to your youth program
  • An overview of programs and opportunities

Must be:

  • At least 13 years of age
  • If 18 years of age or older and a United States citizen (including U.S. Territories and U.S. Armed Forces), you must be approved through the Registered Volunteer Program (RVP).
    • Current USBC member
    • SafeSport Training (free to USBC members, refresher course required once a year)
    • Criminal background screening ($30 for two years)

Level I test fee: $49

Please note: The Level I test will not be granted if you are required to be USBC Registered Volunteer. It is important to read and understand all the materials before taking the Level I online test. Users will be given two attempts to pass the test; additional attempts will require a $5 retest fee.

Click here to access the Level I presentation.

Click here for a written PDF script of the presentation (no images).