Diversity Plan

The USBC Diversity & Inclusion Committee is responsible for setting the organization’s United States Olympic Paralympic Committee Diversity Plan every four years.

Those initiatives for 2021-2024 are as follows:


Diversity Marketing Calendar

In conjunction with the efforts and goals of the USBC Diversity and Inclusion Committee, an ongoing digital media campaign and a series of BOWL.com feature stories in the coming months will allow us to shine a spotlight on the various groups, organizations and bowlers that make up the USBC membership, while also bringing attention to topics that affect the world on a larger scale.

The schedule includes:

February – Black History Month
March – Women’s Month
June – Pride Month
September – Hispanic Heritage Month

If you know someone who is a standout or inspiration in one of the areas listed above, or you'd like to suggest a topic close to you, please let us know more by sending an email to PR@bowl.com

Affinity Partner Outreach

The USBC Diversity and Inclusion committee will establish an advisory sub-committee made up of representatives from USBC Affinity Partners within the sport of bowling. Those representatives will participate in teleconferences and future in-person meetings to discuss bowling related topics and projects in coordination with the committee and USBC staff to continue to enhance our relationships and he each group can benefit from working together as well as with USBC.


Standardized Affinity Partner Program

In coordination with USBC’s Affinity Partners, we hope to find more ways to standardize partnerships across all groups to support their own membership, tournaments and other initiatives within the sport. Based on size and structure we will build upon existing partnership and enhance new partners to create equitable programs for all.


Local and State Board Diversity

Over the past several years, this has been an ongoing topic throughout USBC’s renewed focus on education and training at the USBC Convention, the Association Leadership Academy and enhanced tools and resources through the Association Resource Center.

Youth involvement at all levels, especially at the annual USBC Convention has been an important initiative as well as ensuring proper board diversity with now all BA, WBA and youth associations merging in 2018.

We will evaluate the success in these and look to expand the effort on these topics at all levels of the organization.


Diversity and Inclusion Highlight

We will celebrate all the work in this area by capturing images, video, and information throughout the entire organization from the members, local, state and national. A promotional campaign will be shared recognizing the strides made in the area of Diversity and Inclusion through USBC.