USOPC Diversity Data

Diversity Scorecard

As the steward of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee recognizes the need to achieve increased diversity. The organization recognizes its continued success depends on ensuring the inclusion of all Americans.

The intent of the USOPC’s diversity, equity and inclusion work and DE&I Scorecards is to increase performance and ensure long-term support for National Governing Bodies, High Performance Management Organizations and Team USA athletes.

In order to achieve these goals, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are included in the USOPC’s strategic operating plan. Goals and objectives within the plan are established with measurable outcomes and deadlines for completion.

Throughout the last decade, U.S. demographics have become more racially and ethnically diverse and the USOPC embraces this change. The USOPC DE&I Scorecard is one of the ways the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic family has committed to meeting its goal of reflecting the nation’s growing diversity.

The scorecards are designed to provide an annual, high-level summary of representation based on gender, race, and veteran and disability status. Importantly, the scorecard is designed for the USOPC, NGBs and HPMOs to easily identify opportunities to become more diverse and inclusive as it relates to athletes, coaches, staff, board of directors and membership.

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