Approved Removable Bowling Ball Devices

The USBC Equipment and Specification team's process for testing and approving removable bowling ball devices ensures that no movable parts exist inside a bowling ball, including the weight block, thumb insert, and finger grips. This ensures the safety of bowlers, protects the bowling establishment from potential damage, and preserves the integrity of the game. For further information, please consult the Equipment and Specifications Manual.

 Manufacturer  Product
 Comfortable Lifestyles, LLC.   New Millenium Pro Grips
 Silicone Bridge Fusion
 Tufflon Thumb Grip 
 Donkee Products  Sure Fit Changeable Thumb Insert
 Exactacator Inc.  VISE Interchangeable Thumb (IT)
 VISE Interchangeable Fingers (IF)
 Griploc Products  Griploc
 Jerome Products  Flip Grips
 JoPo Grips Inc.  Twist Interchangeable Thumb
 Master Industries  RevMaker
 Multimed  Thumbthing
 Perfecta-Grip Industries  Perfecta-Grip
 Turbo 2-n-1   Switch Grip (Thumb & Fingers)
 Ultimate Bowling  Ultimate Thumb