Standard Operating Procedures


Radius of Gyration (RG) of Asymmetrical Bowling Balls (SOP-BALL-1)
Radius of Gyration (RG) of a Symmetrical Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-2)
Top Weight of a Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-3)
Total Weight of a Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-4)
Hardness of a Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-5)
Roundness of a Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-6)
Diameter of a Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-7)
Coefficient of Kinetic Friction of a Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-9)
Surface Roughness of a Bowling Ball (SOP-BALL-10)
Mohs' Hardness (SOP-BALL-11)
Bowling Ball Approval (SOP-BALL-12)
Bowling Ball RG Device Calibration (SOP-BALL-13)
Bowling Ball Oil Absorption (SOP-BALL-17)
Spot Checking Bowling Balls (SOP-BALL-20)
Data Analysis for 8 and 24 Additional DPMO (SOP-BALL-22)
Anonymous Balls USBC Receives for Testing (SOP-BALL-23)
Durometer Comparison (SOP-BALL-26)
FTIR of Bowling Ball Coverstocks (SOP-BALL-27)
Footprint Measurement (SOP-BALL-29)

Total Weight of a Bowling Pin (SOP-PIN-1)
Locating the Center of Gravity (SOP-PIN-2)
Radius of Gyration of a Bowling Pin (SOP-PIN-3)
Height of a Bowling Pin (SOP-PIN-4)
Diameter of a Bowling Pin (SOP-PIN-5)
Bowling Pin Base Hole Diameter (SOP-PIN-6)
Bowling Pin Base Radius (SOP-PIN-7)
Bowling Pin Coating Hardness Using Scleroscope (SOP-PIN-8)
Base Flat Diameter of a Bowling Pin (SOP-PIN-10)
Synthetic Pin Vertical Balance (SOP-PIN-12)
Coefficient of Restitution of a Bowling Pin (SOP-PIN-14)
Cutting Wood Bowling Pins (SOP-PIN-15)
Pin Threshold (SOP-PIN-16)
Pin Coating Thickness - Wood Pins (SOP-PIN-17)
FT-IR Pin Percent Similarity (SOP-PIN-19)

Measuring Crosswise and Lengthwise Tilt (SOP-CERT-6)
Measuring Crowns and Depressions (SOP-CERT-7)
Measuring Gutter Depth, Pit Length, and Pit Depth (SOP-CERT-8)
Using the Pit End Gauge (SOP-CERT-9)

String Pinsetter Approval (SOP-STRING PIN-1)

FT-IR Analysis (SOP-LAB-1)
Viscosity (SOP-LAB-2)
UV Concentration (SOP-LAB-3)
Radius of Gyration Swing Calibration (SOP-LAB-5)
Flash Point (SOP-LAB-6)
Ball Cleaner Approval Hardness Testing (SOP-LAB-7)
Ball Cleaner FT-IR Residue Testing (SOP-LAB-8)
Ball Plug Approval (SOP-LAB-9)
Sward Hardness (SOP-LAB-10)