BJI Podcast: A Wildly Entertaining Conversation with the Legendary Carmen Salvino

When the legendary Carmen Salvino joined BJI Editor Gianmarc Manzione for the latest edition of the BJI Podcast, the inimitable 17-time PBA Tour champion pulled no punches--both figuratively and literally, as you will hear in some of the stories he tells. Salvino bowled the first-ever PBA Tour stop to be held, the 1959 Empire State Open, won by “Wrong Foot” Lou Campi. Salvino also is going to bowl the PBA’s 60th Anniversary Classic in Indianapolis this month, setting a record which, as the PBA noted in a January 11 release, will never be matched. Carmen isn’t just showing up for the fun of it, now; he says he’s lifting weights, working on his game, his wife of 61 years, Ginny, has been taking pictures of him bowling to help him see his game and make changes, and he’s got some tough words for the kids on tour who think he’s going to be an easy target out there at age 84. Salvino is a character, and he uses some language reflective of that colorful character at times in this interview. So, as they say in TV land, “parental discretion is advised.” You can listen to the podcast here: