BJI Podcast: Shannon O'Keefe Looks Back on Her Crazy 2017

06 August 2017 - PWBA St. Petersburg - Clearwater Open at the Plano Super Bowl, Plano, Texas. ©ELLMAN PHOTOGRAPHY

In 2017, Shannon O'Keefe achieved things no college bowling coach had done before, won her first major after surviving a sudden-death rolloff against arguably the greatest woman pro bowler alive, got to go to the White House and spend a little time with President Trump, enjoyed a long profile in the Wall Street Journal, and won a gold medal at the World Championships despite being doubled over with debilitating pain associated with a kidney stone.

So . . . how was your 2017?

O'Keefe's, as you can see, was a little crazy. Well, OK, more than a little crazy. On the latest BJI Podcast with BJI Editor Gianmarc Manzione, O'Keefe looked back on a year full of experiences she will not soon forget. You can listen to it here: