Brunswick: Loaded Revolver

51 Hook 15 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: This version of the symmetrical Jack core has a medium RG of 2.52 and a .054 Diff, which supplied nearly 5.5” of track flare. The slightly higher RG delays the revving action, thus “storing” more back-end reaction.

Coverstock: The Propel X cover is colored in an understated black and white, and sanded with 500 and 1500-grit siaair pads. The surface is later polished with Ruff Buff compound, resulting in a satin sheen. Response time off dry is quick and oil traction is limited with the out-of-box finish.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Said Brunswick Brand Manager Billy Orlikowski, “Our objective for this ball was to add a medium-oil versatile ball to the Revolver line. We achieved this goal by creating a ball that follows oil transition well by controlling the mid-lane with a strong, continuous back-end motion for more consistent pin carry.

Test Results: The Loaded Revolver is somewhat like the Wicked Siege in terms of hook and motion shape. They share the same coverstock formula and the surface is finished similarly, with the LR being slightly smoother. We saw an average of two feet more length and one to two boards less total hook. The motion downlane was close, but a touch smoother on certain patterns with like-drilled balls. Simply stated, either ball could be your benchmark piece in the middle hook-range of your arsenal. Bowlers owning both the Wicked and Loaded may need to alter the surfaces to create greater distinction between the two.

When to Use: The Loaded Revolver played great on light to medium volume Sport patterns of short to medium lengths. We especially like our stronger 3.5 and 4.5” pin distances with 2-to-1 Drill-to-VAL angles. On your typical house shots, players can use similar dual angle layouts or 1-to-1 ratios if they desire a smoother, more gradual response off drier boards. Interestingly, when highly polished, the Loaded Revolver reminded us of the Intense Inferno with its hook and motion shape downlane. A bonus is the versatile Propel X cover, which clears the fronts easier than many Big B covers of the past.