Ciminelli rules the Roost

Local Italian Avellino Zampieri from Padova came to the fore in Wednesday's 16:00 squad with a six-game total of 1304 with his highest game of 265.

But the laurels go to Ryan Ciminelli of the United States, a Brunswick staffer, who hit 1483 in the earlier 10:00 squad and set a target few will achieve. Maybe fellow American Sean Rash will b a strong contender, a few international players yet to arrive will also be on the 1500 trail, but Ciminelli is pleased to have performed so well on the international stage.

"It is such a difference to me the way that international people respect bowling and cherish seeing the Americans come over," commented Ryan Ciminelli whilst taking a break from the lanes. "The feeling you get over here is overwhelming, it is just not the same at home where I feel we are taken for granted, so it is nice to get out here and get such a warm welcome in different cities and different countries.

Ciminelli has played six good international events. "My first one was in Thailand, so I've been in Asia a couple of times, over in Malaysia and the Philippines. In Europen I've bowlind in Helsinki, Finland, Paris, France and now Italy. I've done some clinics with Sean (Rash) in Switzerland and Germany as well. So I've seen quite a few countires in a matter of ten months."

International bowling is vastly diiferent to that in America. "It is amazing to see the different styles. Obviously, the two-handed thing with Osku (Palermaa) and Belmo (Jason Belmonte) wasn't heard of until those guys did so well. It is so cool to see how different people have different views of the game, both the physical and mental aspects.

"I'd like to get to as many international tournaments as possible. Fortunately the PBA and WTBA are woeking together, trying to schedule overseas events more feasible for us to get to a good number of tournaments. It's hard to be away from family and friends but bowling is headed worl-wide and this is the place to be."

Top 10 standings after squad 14:

1   Ciminelli, Ryan USA M 1483 276 13 2 L
2   Andersson, Kim SWE M 1453 226 13 1 R
3   Rash, Sean USA M 1442 206 11 1 R
4   Pirozzi, Massimo ITA M 1388 268 08 2 R
5   Valenta, Brian USA M 1374 166 13 2 R
6   Bortolon, Renato ITA M 1356 216 04 3 R
7   Cimino, Fabio ITA M 1355 248 02 3 R
8   Volpert, Nati ISR M 1355 202 12 2 R
9   Osella, Luca ITA M 1327 256 09 1 R
10   Bellini, Sergio ITA M 1321 195 04 1 R