GoFundMe Page Helping Former PWBA Star Michelle Feldman Following Stroke

Michelle Feldman, a former star of the PWBA Tour, recently suffered a major stroke. According to the GoFundMe page that was initiated for her, Feldman has major sensory and ocular issues that are devastating, requiring major therapies and doctors appointments. Now a bowling proprietor, she has hosted hundreds of fundraisers, and “freely gives the bar/kitchen/main hall to whoever needs it for medical benefits.” As the GoFundMe page notes, “Now it’s her turn. Here’s a link the page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/strike-for-michele-feldman. Please share it with your bowling business friends and bowling fans.

Another way to help: “Strike Up the Music: The Michelle Feldman Benefit” will be held on Sunday (Nov. 10) from 1-6 p.m. at Falcon Tidal Wave in Auburn, N.Y. Sponsored by the Music United Foundation, the event costs $20 at the door and includes a Downtown Deli Taco bar and artisan mac and cheese. Bands scheduled to perform include 8Traxx, Chris Terra Band, Str8on, Bad Juju and Cruise Control.