Graham Fach Leads RPI Field into Final Day

Graham Fach

Graham Fach leads all players into the final day of competition

Las Vegas—Graham Fach retained his lead through 16 games of qualifying to earn the No. 1 seed in the PBA Regional Players Invitational (RPI) match play bracket at South Point Bowling Plaza. Fach and the rest of the top eight qualifiers received byes into the round of 16, in which they’ll face the players who emerged from last night’s rounds of 32 and 24.

Four of the eight round of 24 matches lasted the full five games. Colin Champion converted a 2-10 split late in the fifth game to eliminate PBA Hall of Famer Tom Baker, Brandon Runk defeated Nick Kruml, Arturo Quintero took out Ernest Lukacs Jr. and Michael Martell got past Michael Coffey.

Michael Fitzgerald swept Dave Wodka and the other three matches required four games: Sean Wilcox over Tom Hess, Matt Taylor over Kyle Duster and Deo Benard over Ryan Liederbach.

The RPI concludes today with the final rounds of match play starting at 11:30 a.m. ET and the championship match taking place at 3:30 p.m. ET.


South Point Bowling Plaza – Las Vegas

No. 32 Tom Hess def. No. 17 Eugene McCune, 3-0
No. 24 Tom Baker def. No. 25 Mike Eaton Jr., 3-2
No. 28 Matt Taylor def. No. 21 Dimitri Cruz, 3-2
No. 20 Brandon Runk def. No. 29 Matt Zweig, 3-0
No. 18 Michael Fitzgerald def. No. 31 Nathan Michalowski, 3-1
No. 23 Michael Coffey def. No. 26 Bob Rosenau, 3-1
No. 22 Arturo Quintero def. No. 27 David Leverage, 3-2
No. 19 Ryan Liederbach def. No. 30 Ken Yokobosky, 3-2


No. 16 Sean Wilcox def. No. 32 Tom Hess, 3-1
No. 9 Colin Champion def. No. 24 Tom Baker, 3-2
No. 28 Matt Taylor def. No. 12 Kyle Duster, 3-1
No. 20 Brandon Runk def. No. 13 Nick Kruml, 3-2
No. 18 Michael Fitzgerald def. No. 15 Dave Wodka, 3-0
No. 10 Michael Martell def. No. 23 Michael Coffey, 3-0
No. 22 Arturo Quintero def. No. 11 Ernest Lukacs Jr., 3-2
No. 14 Deo Benard def. No. 19 Ryan Liederbach, 3-1

View the full PBA Regional Players Invitational standings and match play bracket


No. 1 Graham Fach vs. No. 16 Sean Wilcox
No. 2 Patrick Dombrowski vs. No. 18 Michael Fitzgerald
No. 3 Joe Bailey vs. No. 14 Deo Benard
No. 4 Carlos Granados vs. No. 20 Brandon Runk
No. 5 Tom Adcock vs. No. 28 Matt Taylor
No. 6 David Krol vs. No. 22 Arturo Quintero
No. 7 PJ Haggerty vs. No. 10 Michael Martell
No. 8 JR Raymond vs. No. 9 Colin Champion


Wednesday, January 5
11:30 a.m. ET – Round of 16 match play (best of three)
1 p.m. ET – Round of 8 match play (best of three)
3 p.m. ET – Semifinals (one game)
3:30 p.m. ET – Championship (one game)