Iowa bowlers lead Standard Doubles at 2024 USBC Open Championships

LAS VEGAS – The new score at the top of the standings in Standard Doubles belongs to Todd Hawkinson of Sioux City, Iowa, and Jeff Hawkinson of Hinton, Iowa, with 1,241 at the 2024 United States Bowling Congress Open Championships.

Together, they had their own hands in creating a great score to help with their successful performance Tuesday at the South Point Bowling Plaza.

Jeff was able to put up a 653 set of his own with games of 219, 241 and 193, while Todd had a set of 588 with games of 191, 204 and 193.

The team of Randy Hamman of Kingwood, Texas, and David Blum of Humble, Texas, had led Standard Doubles since March 10 with a 1,221 total.

“It was a lot better than yesterday, a little bit of a learning curve from yesterday,” said Jeff, a 64-year-old left-hander. “Todd went and bought a new ball just to prepare for today to make sure that we were ready to go.”

Both Jeff and Todd agreed that once they got through the first game of doubles, it just made things a lot easier for them on the way to the top score.

They came to Las Vegas with a small group also from the Sioux City area, and the group was cheering the duo on while they were bowling and making their way up the leaderboard.

“I think it would mean a lot for the owner of the bowling alley (Plaza Bowl) where we come from,” Jeff said when talking about being able to take home an Eagle. “This would be a first for everybody that is from Sioux City, Iowa.”

Todd, a 39-year-old right-hander, felt giddy about being able to think about winning an Eagle at the USBC Open Championships, saying, “That would make me so happy. I would be able to show all my people that I was able to get an Eagle.”

The 2024 event marked the 11th year for Todd at the Open Championships, and this was year No. 41 for Jeff. He looks forward to the next nine years in anticipation of reaching 50 years.

“I keep pushing him toward it, making sure it happens,” Todd says.

Standard Doubles features pairs with entering averages of 311-350.

The 2024 Open Championships got underway Feb. 23 and will run through July 29 at the South Point Bowling Plaza. The tournament is scheduled to feature more than 11,000 teams and 55,000 bowlers making their way to compete in Las Vegas.

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