Italians Enjoy Weekend Bowling

A heavy entry for the first weekend of the 2012 Brunswick Italia Challenge consisted almost entirely of Italian players, joined by just four 'aliens', two from Holland, one from the United States and one from Belgium. Unfortunately, their scores were overrun by the home country players. Even tournament host Riccardo Piunti joined the fray but me might lose journalist privileges if we report his total score.

The total entry has now passed the 300 mark and a final total of around 310 is on the cards. There are even entries from Pakistan and Iran, so the competition entry is only exceeded by the Ballmaster Open in Finland and the Brunswick Euro Challenge in France.

Riccardo Piunti reckons that the players in this year's BIC, becoming part of the European Bowling Tour for the first time, will return home so impressed that they will attract a far bigger entry next year, especially as there will be the Brunswick Italia Challenge, San Marino Open and Ciutat de Barcelona following one another over three weeks,

Current top 10 standings:

PBA player Sean Rash from the United States, an early front-runner for several Americans on the entry list, has set the pace of 1442, the only score over 1400 to date.


1   Rash, Sean USA M 1442 206 11 1 R
2   Pirozzi, Massimo ITA M 1388 268 08 2 R
3   Bortolon, Renato ITA M 1356 216 04 3 R
4   Cimino, Fabio ITA M 1355 248 02 3 R
5   Osella, Luca ITA M 1327 256 09 1 R
6   Bellini, Sergio ITA M 1321 195 04 1 R
7   Zucchinelli, Enzo ITA M 1315 194 02 1 R
8   Ciminelli, Ryan USA M 1307 254 11 1 R
9   Valenta, Brian USA M 1305 226 08 1 R
10   Celli, Maurizio ITA M 1301 241 04 2 R