Lane Masters: HS 2.0

50 Hook 15 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Our goal is simply to design a ball with a motion that is suitable for a wide range of players,” says Galen Gentry of the Lane Masters design team. “The new molecular technology of the high-standard cover, combined with the higher RG and medium Diff of the Guaranteed core, create enhanced predictability. This is essential for a front-to-back ball reaction that is conducive to a variety of bowling styles.”

Core Design: The Guaranteed symmetric core offers a 2.56 RG level with a 5-inch-flaring .045 differential. This design revs rather easily and provides a continuous breakpoint shape downlane.

Coverstock: Medium-load particle pearl coverstocks offer control, length and aggressiveness off friction areas. This Molecular Particle version is colored in a fire red. The surface is factory polished, which enhances its responsiveness off friction while lessening its traction in heavier oil.

Test Results: The HS (High Standard) 2.0’s strong suits were its versatility on a wide range of medium-volume oil patterns and its explosive hitting power. The more than 2-inch thick cover and true two-piece design should provide years of high performance. The motion characteristics of the ball are easy length, a secure mid-lane read and a hard arc off friction. We felt our pin carry was well above average on light-medium to medium-heavy volumes with box polish. Light scuffing will provide an earlier breakpoint, but with a slightly less angular shape near the pocket.

When to Use: The ball was great on most medium-volume patterns, as mentioned previously, but it also performed well on some wet/dry variations as it blended out the side-to-side touchiness quite well. We have found this to be true with many particle-based coverstocks. It’s a shame that more manufacturers don’t realize the value that particles offer. Higher speed players may opt for lower drill and VAL angles when choosing their layouts to help the higher RG core start up even sooner. Our favorite layouts used 3- to 4-inch pin distance layouts to open up the flare rings and increase the overall total hook.