Mexico to Host 53rd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

QubicaAMF is delighted to announce that the 53rd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup will be held in Hermosillo, Mexico, from November 4 – 12, 2017, at Bol 300. The 32-lane center will be undergoing a major modernization, including  QubicaAMF’s latest Bowler Entertainment System, BES X, to ensure the tournament runs smoothly with fast results and live online scoring.

Having hosted the event in 1994 and 2008, father and son, Fernando and Daniel Gutierrez, commented: “We always knew the Bowling World Cup was a great tournament and fell in love with it when we first hosted it in 1994. We have been planning the 2017 edition for more than a year now to ensure that the bowlers have the best playing conditions and all the bowlers, officials and guests enjoy a first class World Cup and take home great memories of our city.”

Hermosillo is a city of 800,000 people and is known as "The Sun City." It lies in the state of Sonora in north Mexico just 250 kilometers from the border with the USA.

Anne-Marie Board, QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup manager, said: “Hermosillo is a lovely city and Bol 300 is a superb venue. The Gutierrez family will make this a very special event indeed and I know that all our players, officials and guests will be warmly welcomed.”

Luis Javier Iserte, QubicaAMF’s manager in Mexico, said: “Hermosillo has always been very special for me.  All the people in the city and the Gutierrez family have always made me feel at home and I am sure their great efforts in organizing the world cup for the third time will bring great benefits to the City, the bowling center and the bowling industry in Mexico and Latin America. QubicaAMF could not have chosen a better venue or partners to organize the 53rd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup.

"I am very thankful to the Governor of Sonora State, Mrs. Claudia Artemiza Pavlovich Arellano, the mayor of Hermosillo, Mr. Manuel Ignacio Acosta Gutierrez, and Fernando and Daniel´s family for this new opportunity and I would like to invite all countries to join us next November as I know it will be memorable.”

The 1994 event – the 30th – was won by Tore Torgerson of Norway and Anne Jacobs of South Africa. Luis Javier Iserte represented Mexico that year and finished in 7th place. The 1994 event also saw the first ever perfect game bowled in the tournament when Jack Guay of Canada hit the magic 300 figure. Additionally, the 30th BWC marked the first time more than 50 nations participated in the event. The return of the world cup to Hermosillo in 2008 saw some of the highest scoring finals in the history of the tournament and Singapore had their first ever win with Jasmine Yeung-Nathan. Derek Eoff of USA took the title in the men’s division.

Information on the world’s largest annual international sports event can now be accessed online at The new website contains facts, photos and statistics from each of the previous 52 World Cups, as well as bulletins and news for the current year. It will be updated as news becomes available. It will also be the official site for the daily results during the tournament. And you can also keep up to date with all the news, views and happenings in the months leading up to this year’s world cup in Mexico on Facebook and  Twitter.

QubicaAMF has more than 75 years of experience, an installed base of more than 10,000 centers worldwide and it can provide the perfect combination of bowling equipment, products and services to build a traditional bowling center, an FEC or entertainment facility to suit any budget. The company has sales offices in 10 countries, a distributor network with worldwide reach and maintains the largest R&D team for electro-mechanical products, software, electronics and entertainment systems in the industry.

QubicaAMF is the organizer of the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, the largest annual sporting event in terms of the number of participating countries, which promotes bowling on a global level. The company celebrated the historical 50th anniversary of the tournament in 2014.

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