Motiv: Sigm Hybrid

52 Hook 13 Length 13.5 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Where the Sigma Tour was designed to be a house shot killer on medium oil, the Sigma Hybrid is for more medium-heavy oil,” says Scott Hewitt of Motiv. “It is great for fresh oil and Sport patterns. The Sigma Hybrid is very strong with a smoother reaction, but is still able to provide great entry angle to the pocket. Speed-dominant and rev-challenged bowlers will appreciate the strength of this ball.”

Core Design: The Sigma symmetric core is also used in the Motiv Sigma Tour. The RG is low at 2.47 and the differential moderately strong at .047. This design revs up very quickly and does not change direction abruptly downlane. Testing showed nearly 5 inches of flare with strong 3- to 4-inch drillings.

Coverstock: The Atomix Hybrid is colored in diablo red (solid) and charcoal pearl. The oil traction comes in above average due to the ball’s 1000 wet-sanded finish. The response time off friction is directly related to coverstock surface grit. The box finish response time is rated slow, yet when we sand to 4000 grit it has a moderately quick response, like that of the Sigma Tour. The Ra level is medium.

Test Results: The new Sigma Hybrid looks like it’s hooking while sitting still on the counter. But don’t be fooled by its looks. The ball rolls smoothly and evenly, which allowed us to play near the dry. It will hook sooner and more gradually than a Sigma Tour (52 hook, 14.5 length and breakpoint shape). The roll is both heavy and steady throughout the 60 feet. Do not expect skid/flip roll characteristics from this beauty; it just won’t happen with the box finish.

When to Use: The best looks came on medium oil patterns when playing a reasonably direct line to the pocket. On most of the test patterns, we either hugged the oil line or played a few boards into the friction areas and experienced a slow, gradual read downlane. The roll reminded us of urethane, but with obviously better hitting power for the stroker-type release. Only our power player could play well inside the oil line and see a strong enough move to maintain consistent pin carry.