'Mr. 900' Glenn Allison Honored by U.S. House of Representatives

Glenn Allison rolled the first 900 series in the history of sanctioned league bowling on July 1, 1982. But his name does not appear on the list of 900 shooters because the American Bowling Congress rejected the back-to-back-to-back 300s for honor score recognition, a stance that the United States Bowling Congress maintained in November 2014 after completing a review of the award application.

“While this decision may not be the outcome some people hoped for, I ask that we can all come together and respect the conclusion,” said Andrew Cain, the USBC President at the time. “It is time to close this chapter and move forward.”

That did not happen. Grassroots bowlers continued to lobby, primarily on social media platforms, for USBC to reconsider its decision. Recently, a bowler named Steve Felege has been working to have Allison’s feat recognized in other ways.

While efforts to procure a Presidential Medal of Freedom thus far have not been successful, Felege would not give up. And this evening, just before his league session at La Habra “300” Bowl — the center where he rolled his perfect series more than 37 years ago — Allison was presented with a “Certificate of Recognition” from the United States House of Representatives.

Rep. J. Luis Correa (D-46th District) arranged for the certificate. He represents the district in which Allison lives, and cooperated with the office of Rep. Doug Cisneros (D-39th District), the district within which La Habra “300” Bowl is located. Originally, representatives for Cisneros were contacted, and they turned the project over to Correa’s staff upon learning of Allison’s place of residence.

Felege says the idea of seeking recognition from the House of Representatives came to him in the middle of the night. He refers to it as a “Eureka!” moment. He also credited Rep. Mark Takano (D-41st District) for lending assistance.

The “Certificate of Special Recognition” includes Allison’s full name — Glenn Richard Allison — and is signed by Rep. Correa. It notes that on July 1, 1982, Allison became “the first man in the history of bowling to deliver a 900 series in sanctioned league competition. By so doing he is officially recognized as the ‘Original Mr. 900.’”