USBC Board approves bumper bowling awards, high school memberships

Special achievement awards for youth competing in bumper bowling leagues and a new membership product for high school bowlers were recently approved by the United States Bowling Congress Board of Directors.

Bumper bowling league competitors rolling 50, 75 and 100 games and/or 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 series are immediately eligible to earn Bowlopolis emblems in those categories. These awards can be earned regardless of the bowler's bumper league average and will continue to be earned on the same progressive merit basis.

"Since USBC does not recognize bumper league averages, our youngest members were
not eligible to earn youth awards," said USBC Director of Youth Development Brian Graham. "This meant the only way they could obtain an award was through our purchasable awards program.

"To address this disparity and provide a consistent youth awards benefit to our youngest members, we proposed to extend the eligibility for the Bowlopolis-themed youth awards to participants in certified bumper bowling programs without the average requirement."

The new USBC High School membership, which becomes effective Aug. 1, is available to those interscholastic high school bowlers who are not USBC Youth members. Bowlers may apply for the membership any time during the current interscholastic schedule. The cost for the new High School membership will be $5.

"Many bowlers on high school teams do not bowl in USBC leagues so this gives them a way to become connected to USBC," said USBC High School Manager Breanne Eoff. "This membership will allow acceptance of all games bowled by that individual during the current season in recognized interscholastic competitions between two or more schools toward the establishment of a USBC official average."

The USBC High School membership will provide the following benefits:
*    USBC Youth membership card
*    USBC official average
*    Eligible to bowl in USBC-certified tournaments when qualified
*    Eligible to apply for USBC scholarships
*    Eligible for nomination to the Dexter USBC High School All-American team

Membership and final average processing will utilize the Youth Online Membership
processing system with the member being responsible for collection of average nd
award data and providing that to the processor. Membership eligibility is extended to all recognized interscholastic competitions.