Retro Roll: 1987 USBC Masters

In this seventh installment of a weekly series taking a look back at historical moments from various USBC Championship events over the years, we revisit the title match of the 1987 USBC Masters, where Rick Steelsmith battles Brad Snell for the trophy. No bowler in the world was hotter than Rick Steelsmith at the time, as the young phenom was winning virtually every event he entered at the time.  Steelsmith was the first bowler to be named a first-team Collegiate All-American for four straight years, and he would rack up a collection of gold medals internationally in 1987. The following year, he won the Regular All-Events title at the USBC Open Championships. And despite a shoulder injury he sustained shortly thereafter that would require surgery and hamper his ability for the rest of his career, he would reemerge in 1997 to win a major on the PBA Tour, the PBA National Championship. Click the video below to watch Rick Steelsmith at the peak of his game in 1987 at the USBC Masters. For more information about the USBC Masters, click here.