FAQ: Coaching certification and RVP



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CoachingLogoSummaryWhat, exactly, is the Registered Volunteer Program?
The Registered Volunteer Program is a background screening program implemented to help ensure that bowling is doing everything it can to provide a safe environment for USBC Youth members. It includes a mandatory criminal background screening by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) designed to remove and/or discourage those who might harm our kids.

Volunteers have been participating in the RVP program since 2006 and currently there are more than 10,000 active registered volunteers. Go to BOWL.com/rvp for more details and to begin the process.

Why did USBC Coaching Certification and Development make RVP a part of the certification process?
There are several reasons. USBC is the national governing body (NGB) for the sport of bowling and a member of the United States Olympic Committee. The USOC launched the SafeSport program earlier this year, a program designed to provide guidelines for the welfare and training of young athletes. Click here to see the USOC SafeSport handbook.

While RVP has been recommended by USBC for since 2006, we felt it needed to become part of the certification process. We believe it is the right thing to do for our youth, coaches and proprietors. It also adds integrity to our game and the coaches who are certified through USBC.

When does the requirement for becoming RVP approved take effect?
All new coaches and coaches upgrading their level of certification (Level I to Bronze, Bronze to Silver, etc.) will have to be approved through RVP prior to becoming a certified coach starting Aug. 1, 2012. For current coaches, RVP is now part of continuing education so they will need to be RVP approved by the end of their continuing education period.

Who must be RVP approved?
All coaches.  Every USBC Certified coach must be RVP approved in order to retain their active status. Bronze, Silver and Gold coaches must be RVP approved as part of their Continuing Education Units (CEUs) requirements. Level I/II Coaches are not required to earn CEUs; however, they will be required to complete and pass the RVP process in order to remain active.

I've been a certified coach for many years. Do I have to become RVP approved right now?
No, but coaches must be RVP approved by the end of their continuing education period. Coaches will receive two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for becoming approved through RVP.

I don't work with youth bowlers. Do I still need to go through the RVP?
Yes. All coaches will need to become RVP approved. We believe RVP should be a part of the certification no matter what age of bowlers you decide to coach.

Are there any other sports that use background screening? 
Yes, a number of other sports require background checks for their coaches. We are following the USOC's lead for the protection of all athletes.

Once RVP approved, how long is it valid and what is the cost?
The RVP approval is good for two years. The base price is $21.25 for the two-year period, except in the areas were the government agency for that county may require additional fees for the background screening.

How do I begin the process?
Go to BOWL.com/rvp or click here for complete details.