Association eNews: April 30, 2012


USBC is joining a bowling industry initiative to launch a national “8 for 8” Bowling Club promotion this fall in an effort to introduce more children under the age of 12 to the sport. The program gives kids the opportunity to participate in an 8-week league for $8 per week and includes a custom-fitted ball and a free USBC Youth Basic membership.

The “8 for 8” promotion is a partnership in conjunction with Brunswick and Ebonite International. Brunswick and Ebonite have agreed to provide balls for the program at a discounted price to participating Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America centers through Strike Ten Entertainment.

USBC is asking local associations to help support this promotion by processing the basic memberships from the 8 for 8 leagues. While there is no revenue involved, we believe this is an opportunity for our organization. If these leagues were to be uncertified, USBC loses the chance to communicate with these youth bowlers and transition them to more committed programs.

Since there is no revenue involved, some associations may not have the resources to process these free memberships. If this is the case, the association should inform the participating “8 for 8” center manger that the center must self-process the free memberships.

While you will see the “8 for 8” membership on all USBC Youth applications, the “8 for 8” Bowling Club promotion is only available for BPAA member centers through Strike Ten and not all centers will participate. An “8 for 8” league can only be started if a center opts into the program. Therefore, some USBC associations will not process any “8 for 8” memberships.

The “8 for 8” promotion is only available for leagues starting from September 1, 2012 through November 22, 2012.

BPAA Members can reserve their 8 for 8 Bowling Club Marketing Kit at Bowl Expo by stopping by the IBC Youth and Strike Ten Entertainment booths.

For more details, please contact Chad Murphy or John Harbuck at the International Bowling Campus at 800-343-1329.