Retro Roll: Norm Duke wins Masters for first major victory

In this ninth installment of a weekly series taking a look back at historical moments from various USBC championship events over the years, we revisit the 1993 USBC Masters in Tulsa, Okla., where two of the "50 Greatest Players in PBA History" faced off for the coveted title.

The clip features 22-year-old amateur Patrick Allen, who bowled his way into the final only to run into a determined Norm Duke, who fired a 258 game to claim the first of his six major championships.

Nearly two decades later, Duke is a PBA Hall of Famer with 33 titles and two Player of the Year honors, while Allen, the 2004-05 PBA Player of the Year, owns 13 titles, including two majors.

Click the video below to relive the history Duke made that day.

For more information about the USBC Masters, click here. If you'd like to take your own shot at Masters glory, or possibly become the seventh amateur champion in the last 25 years, click here to enter this year's event online. The 2011 Masters will be held at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., from Feb. 7-13.