Association Operations - Nov. 18, 2010
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IRS Form 990 – All state and local associations MUST FILE
Want to lose your association’s tax-exempt status and USBC charter? Despite repeated communications with associations, we still are receiving calls from people who believe they are excluded from filing a return with the IRS for their local or state association. We cannot stress enough that every association has to file a return.

The IRS changed the 990 filing requirements for 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Organizations and ALL USBC local and state associations MUST file a 990, 990-ez, or 990-n with the IRS. Failure to file can result in the IRS revoking the tax-exempt status of your association. If the IRS revokes your tax-exempt status, USBC HQ will be forced to remove that association’s charter.

Any association that had less than $25,000 in gross receipts can file a 990N (e-postcard) online by going to the IRS’s website or by clicking here. Associations with more than $25,000 in gross receipts are required to file the 990-EZ, also found on the IRS’s website.  Any association that does not know their Employer Identification Number (EIN) can send an e-mail request to If you receive a letter from the IRS, contact them immediately. If you have already filed your 990 and have your confirmation, we thank you.

WinLABs version 9.9.32 has been released
WinLABs version 9.9.32 was released on Nov. 16. Please make sure you download the latest version from (under Associations) or by clicking here. To login, use your association number and supply order password. The update button in older versions of WinLABs is not working properly for some users and may cause installation problems.

This version of WinLABs corrects several problems that appeared with version 9.9.31 and it also contains the current 2010-2011 achievements and awards. 

Youth leagues and memberships still must be processed in the Online Youth Processing System and are not able to be processed through WinLABs.  However, awards now can be processed in either the Online Youth Processing System or through WinLABS. Prior to entering awards or averages, please note how the youth data changes will flow:

  • Awards and averages submitted via the Youth System Online will be transmitted in national data changes to WinLABs. 
  • Awards and averages submitted for youth via WinLABs will NOT appear in the Online Youth system. 
  • Youth updates will now be sent daily in national data change transmissions.

Youth records for mixed adult/youth leagues still will appear in your WinLABs system as travelling leagues due to the older versions of WinLABs prohibiting the merging of league records that were not created in WinLABs.  WinLABs has been updated so that this data can be merged into your existing league information for mixed adult/youth leagues with version 9.9.32.  Mixed adult/youth league data will be sent by National Data Changes beginning Dec. 1.  The Adult/Youth data is being delayed in order to give associations time to update to version 9.9.32    If an association has Adult/Youth leagues, it is imperative that you upgrade to version 9.9.32 before Dec. 1.  

Applications for USBC recognition awards are due Dec. 1
The application deadline for three prestigious USBC awards is Dec. 1. The awards:

  • USBC Helen Baker Outstanding Association Service Award – Annually recognizes an outstanding bowling leader who has made invaluable contributions to local and state associations as an innovator, creator and mentor of adult programs.
  • USBC Joyce Deitch Unity Award – This annual award recognizes organizations and individuals who have made important contributions to bowling by being motivators, visionaries, leaders and innovators.
  • USBC Proprietor of the Year Award – The award annually recognizes an outstanding bowling center proprietor for his/her enthusiastic support of local and state bowling associations and of national programs.

Applications can be found at under the Recognition Awards tab.

Send us your state tournament information
USBC wants to get the word out about USBC Championship events, but we need your help.

Please take a moment to e-mail USBC the following information:

  • State Association name
  • Number of state tournaments held annually (ex: Men’s state tournament, etc.)
  • Dates of each state tournament
  • Number of participants in each 2010 tournament and/or expected participants at 2011 state tournaments
  • Mailing address and contact for each state tournament

Please e-mail the information to USBC will send your state association the brochures prior to your state tournaments. Thanks, in advance, for your assistance in promoting USBC events.


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