Bowling shoes for Advanced bowlers

You've had your own bowling shoes for years, but now that lucky pair is wearing out. You walk into the pro shop to see what they have, and you notice that one pair costs $50 while another costs $200. What's the difference between the two, and which one do you need? The key to answering this question is how many different bowling centers you bowl in.

If you only bowl in one center, your approach conditions aren't likely to change a great deal from week to week. As such, you can get away with a pair of shoes with permanent soles and heels. Some pairs will be geared toward all bowlers while others are designated as right-handed or left-handed. I suggest going with the right-handed/left-handed shoes because they give you a designated push shoe and a designated slide shoe.

You'll also find that feature on shoes with interchangeable soles and heels, which is what you should be wearing if you bowl in several different centers and face the possibility of encountering different approach conditions on a regular basis.

If after reading this you're still not sure what kind shoes are right for you, consult your local pro shop professional.