Approach position for advanced bowlers

By Bob Learn Jr.
USBC Coaching Specialist

Success comes from how quickly we adapt to the ever-changing environment on the lanes. As we become better bowlers physically, it is essential that we dedicate practice time to correcting our weaknesses. Part of that process involves taking time to get comfortable playing parts of the lane we would prefer not to play.

To get to the next level, you need to be able play the lanes just as effectively from the fifth arrow as you do from the first. While attempting to do so, you will be forced to use areas of the approach you have never used before. To get comfortable with this concept, practice making parallel moves, which means you'll move equal amounts in the same direction with your feet at the dots and your target at the arrows. Once you've gotten the hang of parallel moves, begin working on angular moves, which allow you to increase or decrease your projection through the front of the lane.

It might take a while to get the hang of these new positions and movements, but once you figure them out, you'll find that they are valuable tools that will allow to you to bowl better on any condition you face.