Koff wins gold at World Youth Championships

RESULTS: Team, all-events

HELSINKI, Finland -
Junior Team USA's Andrew Koff won the gold medal in boys all-events Friday and helped lead the Americans into the team semifinals at the 2010 World Tenpin Bowling Association World Youth Championships.

Koff became the first United States bowler to win the all-events in the history of the World Youth Championships, finishing with an 18-game total of 4,036, an average of 224.2, at Tali Bowl. His strong performance also helped the U.S. into the team semifinals in fourth position after six games of qualifying.

Junior Team USA finished team event with 4,932, an average of 205.5, and earned the last spot in the semifinals. They will take on qualifying leader Estonia, which totaled 5,008, on Saturday morning. The other match will feature second seed Korea against third seed Australia.

"Obviously, I'm really excited and this is unbelievable," Koff said. "Winning all-events wasn't anything I really thought about because you are out there just trying to knock as many pins down for your team as you can. To win it when so many great bowlers have represented Junior Team USA is great, and I'm very excited."

Koff led the Americans with 1,335 and was followed by Jake Peters (1,273), Devin Bidwell (1,207) and Craig Hanson (1,117).

On the girls side, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and England advanced to the semifinals. The Koreans shot 5,024 for six games, an average of 209.3, to earn the top position. The United States finished seventh, 37 pins out of the semifinals.

Singapore qualified second with 4,971, while Malaysia was third with 4,844. England took the last spot with 4,774, edging Latvia by just four pins. In the semifinals, Korea will take on England, while Singapore and Malaysia will battle.

Junior Team USA entered the day in third place after the opening three games of qualifying, but opened Friday with games of 756 and 713 to fall out of contention. The team finished with 868, but was unable to overcome more than a 160-pin deficit to England in the final game.

Jenn Boisselle led the Americans with a six-game total of 1,255 and was followed by Christine Bator (1,221), Brittni Hamilton (1,185) and Kristie Petravich (1,076).

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Korea's Moon-Jeong Kim took the gold medal in all-events with 3,922, an average of 217.9. England's Hayley White earned the silver with 3,905, and Latvia's Diana Zavjalova was third with 3,899.

Rounding out the boys all-events medalists was Korea's Jong-Woo Park, who took silver with 3,994, and Finland's Samu Valaranta, who earned the bronze with 3,965.

The top 16 players in the all-events standings advanced to Masters match play, which begins Saturday afternoon and continues through Sunday.

The United States girls will be represented by Boisselle, who was 15th with 3,704, and Bator, who took 16th with 3,694. Hamilton finished 21st in all-events with 3,667, while Petravich was 23rd with 3,624.

For the U.S. boys, Peters was 14th with 3,771 to advance to the Masters, while Bidwell was 36th with 3,680 and Hanson finished 42nd with 3,652.

The United States Bowling Congress is working in cooperation with the Finnish Bowling Federation to provide live video streaming of the semifinals and finals of each event. Coverage will be available on BOWL.com, and the team event coverage is scheduled to begin at 2 a.m. Eastern on Saturday.

A field of 46 countries are competing in the World Youth Championships for medals in five events - singles, doubles, team, all-events and Masters match-play.

At Tali Bowl, Helsinki, Finland
Friday's Results


(Top 10, six games)

1, Korea, 5,024. 2, Singapore, 4,971. 3, Malaysia, 4,844. 4, England, 4,774. 5, Latvia, 4,770. 6, Netherlands, 4,749. 7, United States, 4,747. 8, Sweden, 4,717. 9, Colombia, 4,716. 10, Germany, 4,712.

(Top 10 after 18 of 18 games)

1, Moon-Jeong Kim, Korea, 3,922. 2, Hayley White, England, 3,905. 3, Diana Zavjalova, Latvia, 3,899. 4, Jazreel Tan, Singapore and Shayna Ng, Singapore, 3,818. 6, Sin Li Jane, Malaysia and Yeon-Ju Kim, Korea, 3,800. 8, Seung-Ja Baek, Korea, 3,786. 9, Joline Persson Planefors, Sweden, 3,767. 10, Bo-Hyun Shin, Korea, 3,742.


(Top 10, six games)

1, Estonia, 5,008. 2, Korea, 4,962. 3, Australia, 4,952. 4, United States, 4,932. 5, Macau, 4,923. 6, Finland, 4,910. 7, Sweden, 4,896. 8, Venezuela, 4,827. 9, Singapore, 4,823. 10, France, 4,790.

(Top 10 after 18 of 18 games)

1, Andrew Koff, United States, 4,036. 2, Jong-Woo Park, Korea, 3,994. 3, Samu Valaranta, Finland, 3,965. 4, Mats Maggi, Belgium, 3,954. 5, Daniels Vezis, Latvia, 3,927. 6, Kert Truus, Estonia, 3,912. 7, Sam Cooley, Australia, 3,888. 8, Seung-Hyeon Shin, Korea, 3,851. 9, Steven Miller, England, 3,832. 10, Phil Hulst, Netherlands, 3,832.