FAQ: USBC Championships news

Frequently asked questions: USBC Championships announcement

Why did USBC decide to hold both the Open and Women’s Championships in the same city at the same time?
We reviewed both options -- holding the tournaments in the same city and holding the tournaments in different cities. We saw this as an opportunity for couples and families to bowl together, while also providing increased levels of service with the use of a combined staff to cover both events.

What opportunities will this same-city concept provide for the bowlers?

Women will now have the chance to bowl in both the Open Championships and the Women’s Championships during a single trip. We are also evaluating the addition of new side events, including mixed and youth competitions, as well as a “second chance” event that would allow bowlers to bowl multiple times on the tournament lanes, competing for a separate prize fund.

Why did USBC choose Reno for 2013 and 2014?

We were already committed to Reno for the 2013 Open Championships. But based on the outstanding offer that Reno made and the track record of strong turnouts at the National Bowling Stadium, the decision was made to bring both events to Reno in 2013 and 2014.

What other cities were interested in these tournaments?
We spoke with over 70 cities. In the end, Reno’s offer was the best.

Who made this decision?
The decision was made by USBC staff, with the full support of the USBC Board of Directors.

Will anything be different about the National Bowling Stadium?
The City of Reno has commissioned an architectural study to look at significant enhancements to the building.

Will the Open and Women’s Championships be in the same city from 2013 on?
We will hold the Women’s Championships in Reno during 2015 and 2018, and the Open Championships in Reno during 2016, all based on an agreement that was signed nearly two decades ago. There are no other site commitments for the tournaments beyond 2014 at this time.

Will the Open and Women’s Championships ever be held in the same building?
There are no plans to hold the events in the same building, although the tournaments are constantly being evaluated as we continue to look for ways to improve the bowlers’ experience.

When will the tournaments come East?
The 2011 Women’s Championships will be in Syracuse, N.Y., and the 2012 Open Championships will be in Baton Rouge, La. Several developers are once again interested in the possibility of building an arena near Orlando, and we are in full support of that concept. In addition, we continue to pursue other Eastern cities that are capable of hosting these large events.

Will USBC continue the new policy into 2011 of allowing beverages to be consumed while bowling?

While the feedback from 2010 was very good, no final decision has been made on the continuation of the beverage policy for 2011.

Will the tournament entry fees be going up?
We continue to work at holding the line on our pricing structure. One of the new concepts we are considering is premium pricing for dates that are in especially high demand.

What can we expect from the online registration system as we move forward?
The adoption rate of the new online registration system has been excellent. For the 2011 championship events, about half of all entries have been submitted online. Starting in January, team captains will be able to adjust rosters and make other changes without picking up the phone or mailing a letter.

What marketing plans do you have to keep bowlers coming to these events?
Our Eagle’s Nest program for the Open Championships has been very well received, and we also plan to implement an incentive program for the Women’s Championships. You’ll also see our national tournaments be promoted at state tournaments and we are looking at some new concepts such as the use of social media.

Will there be any competitive changes in the near future at either of the Championship events?
We have begun evaluating a number of ideas to provide a better experience for the bowlers. In addition to the new side events, we will analyze division formats and lane conditions to maintain fairness for everyone. When considering any changes, we must preserve the integrity of the events while attracting new bowlers at the same time.

How can I provide feedback to USBC on these events?
We are open to your ideas. Please send comments and suggestions to usbcopenchampionships@bowl.com and usbcwomenschampionships@bowl.com.