Setup Tips for Advanced Bowlers

By Bryan O'Keefe
USBC Coaching Specialist

You already know how to set up for a well-executed shot, but do you know how to make sure that shot is on line? This can easily be accomplished by presetting your launch angles. Presetting your launch angle refers to positioning your body in a way that allows your arm swing to follow the path you desire for a particular shot.

If you are looking to open up the lane, you want to increase your launch angle in order to do so. This can be accomplished by opening up your ball-side shoulder and hip. If you allow your arm to swing freely along that line, your ball will have more projection from inside to outside as it travels down the lane.

On the flip side, if you want to play a straighter shot, you'll want to preset your launch angle in a fashion that keeps your ball-side shoulder and hip parallel to the foul line. This should greatly decrease the amount of side-to-side projection, which will keep your ball moving in a more direct path to the break point.

Remember, chance favors the prepared mind. Don't get moving toward the foul line with your launch angle in doubt. Preset your launch angle, and keep your shots on line and striking time and time again.