Mental game tips for intermediate bowlers

By Teresa Ross
USBC Coaching Specialist

Every league has at least one, the guy or gal who yells, screams, kicks the ball return, smacks the scoring table and slams bowling balls onto the rack every time something goes wrong on the lanes. Are you picturing that bowler in your head? Good. Now, this week's tip: don't be that person!

There's nothing wrong with displaying emotion when you bowl. After all, if you didn't care about what's going on, you probably shouldn't be competing in the first place; however, there's no excuse for letting your emotions get the best of you and acting out in one of the foolish ways listed above. Doing so distracts other bowlers from what they should be concentrating on and forces them to focus on you and your silly behavior. It also sets a terrible example for youths and any non-league bowlers who may be in the center at that time.

Remember, it is up to all of us to grow the sport of bowling, so don't cast yourself and the sport in a negative light by behaving inappropriately. Be humble when you bowl well. Be calm when you bowl poorly, and never, ever be that guy or gal!