Tips for holiday gifts for intermediate bowlers

By Bryan O'Keefe
USBC Coaching Specialist

It might take a bit of observation on your part, but if you pay attention you will find there are several good gift options for bowlers at this level.

First, check out the bowler's footwear. If he or she uses rental shoes or owns a discount pair from the local sporting goods store, you are in the perfect position to help with an upgrade. Consult the pro shop professional for help picking out the pair that best meets your bowler's needs.

If shoes are not an issue, then it's time to consider the possibility of helping him or her with a new ball. You can do this in one of two ways: you can secretly check out what he or she is currently using and take that information to your pro shop professional, or you can simply purchase a gift card/certificate. That way, your special someone will be able to pick out whatever ball he or she wants. In either case, just do your best to make sure that ball offers different performance characteristics than the balls he or she is currently using. After all, it does no good to lug around a bunch of bowling balls that all do the same thing.