24 proposals to be decided at 2010 USBC Annual Meeting

Delegates will vote on 24 proposals involving changes to USBC bylaws, league rules and tournament rules at the United States Bowling Congress Annual Meeting on May 1 in Reno, Nev.

The proposals include amendments to USBC bylaws related to electronic voting and changes designed to give the USBC Board of Directors flexibility in making business decisions for the organization. The USBC Board of Directors is not supporting any increase in membership dues at any level.

Proposed amendments to tournament rules are aimed at ensuring that a bowler's highest current average is used for tournament competition.

Of the 24 proposals, 10 relate to changes to USBC Bylaws, seven refer to league rules and seven to tournaments. Other proposals relating to USBC bylaws include:

A revision by legal counsel of the national bylaws to ensure compliance with current state law.
Require candidates for the USBC Board of Directors coming from the floor to file credentials 90 days prior to the annual meeting.
Voting on legislation proposals for General Playing Rules, League Rules and Tournament Rules every other year.
A proposal from the field requiring non-merged local associations to merge in 2011.

Proposals relating to playing rules include:

Allow leagues more flexibility for granting pre-bowl or post-bowl requests.
Require bank statements be sent to the league president for monthly audit. The president should also ensure the treasurer receives a bank statement.
Require league financial records be retained for at least one year from the completion of the season.

Please click here for the complete list of proposed amendments.

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