Wrist and hand positions for elite bowlers

By Teresa Ross
USBC Coaching Specialist

We've all heard the famous line "with great power comes great responsibility." That might not apply to bowling on a regular basis, but it has merit in regard to this week's tips. In tips one through three (entry level through advanced), I have suggested adding new wrist and hand position options to your bowling bag of tricks. So, what's my tip for you, the elite player? Learn how and when to use them!

It isn't enough to know how to use different positions and releases; you need to know exactly when, where and under what circumstances to use each of them. This comes down to closely monitoring and understanding ball motion. You need to watch what your ball and the balls of other players are doing on the lanes and recognize what that means to you now and in the frames ahead.

Mastering this process takes time, practice and great attention to detail. It's not easy, but what do you expect at the elite level?