Ball-selection tips for advanced bowlers

By Kim Terrell-Kearney
USBC Coaching Specialist

Hopefully, you go beyond the weekly league experience and try your hand at tournaments now and again. If you do, you already know the importance of having a well-rounded arsenal of bowling balls. Here's how I would suggest getting that arsenal set up:

First, approach your local pro shop operator for help. He or she should assess your physical game, determine your preferred method of playing the lanes and examine your current equipment. That way, he or she will be able to determine the steps needed to fill in potential gaps in your arsenal.

When all is said and done, I recommend carrying a five-ball arsenal. These five balls should feature different coverstock strengths, surface textures and pin placements in order to help you cover the widest possible range of conditions.

Once you construct your arsenal, you will have the necessary tools to conquer any lane condition a tournament director can throw at you.