USBC Coaching cert course coming to center near you

Bowlers looking to get an edge on the competition, and help their teammates, friends and relatives do the same, are in luck. From Florida to Las Vegas and points in between, the USBC Bronze-level coaching certification course is on its way to a bowling center near you.

USBC coaches from the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas, will conduct the courses designed for individuals pursuing coaching and instruction as a profession. USBC Coaching Level One is a prerequisite for the Bronze-level course. After coaching for at least 12 months following Bronze-level certification, coaches are free to pursue Silver-Level certification.

Proprietor and USBC President Jeff Boje, whose bowling center in Brandon, Fla., will host a Bronze-level course from April 23-25, sees USBC Coaching certification courses as an opportunity that benefits proprietors as much as it does the students.

“As a proprietor, I feel that having volunteers in my center become USBC-certified coaches will put them to better use for my league bowlers,” Boje said, “and I will stand a better chance of retaining those bowlers from season to season because I know that they will see their games improve.”

USBC Director of Team USA/Coaching David Garber also sees the USBC Coaching certification program as an instrument through which proprietors will retain their league bowlers, and emphasizes that the rapidly growth of high school bowling has increased the demand for Bronze-level coaches, in particular.

“USBC Coaching has greatly improved the Bronze course with items that affect the modern bowler,” Garber says, “and with the great demand for Bronze-level coaches that the explosive growth in high school bowling has created, there has never been a better time to become a Bronze coach.”

The Bronze-level certification course covers topics ranging from ball motion and equipment to lane play, marketing and much more. In addition to the Bronze course scheduled for Brandon Crossroads Bowl in Brandon, Fla., courses are also coming soon to Pioneer Bowl in Richfield, Wis. (April 30-May 2), Rab’s Country Lanes in Staten Island, N.Y., The Orleans in Las Vegas, Nev. and many other locations.

Click here to view a full schedule of upcoming Bronze-level coaching certification courses and reserve your spot today.