Husband and wife claim Masters gold for Korea at Worlds

HENDERSON, Nev. - Bowling has seen its share of love connections on the lanes, but Korea's Cho Young-Seon and Son Yun-Hee raised the bar for bowling families everywhere when they became the first husband and wife to claim Masters gold medals at the World Tenpin Bowling Association World Championships.

There's no doubt that competing on the biggest stage in international bowling can be intimidating, but the two were able to find comfort in making the 6,000-mile journey to Las Vegas together, and the trip culminated with an emotional moment atop the medal stand Friday at Sunset Station's Strike Zone Bowling Center .

Both Cho and Son enjoyed success on the lanes this week, including a pair of silver medals in all-events, but sometimes, the best stories and memories go beyond leaderboards.

"I just cannot easily express how incredible this feels," Cho said. "We knew after she won there was a chance to do something special."

Son earned her gold medal with a 211-193 win against her Korean teammate Kim Moon-Jeong, while Cho topped all-events winner Chris Barnes of Team USA, 254-195.2013WTBAWCMastersBarnes250

The 2013 WTBA World Championships marked the first time since 2003 that the men's and women's events have been held in the same venue. For the last decade, the World Championships have been held every two years, alternating between the men and women.

Son and Cho's love story dates back to 2011, though they met in high school and have been members of Korea's national team together since 2009. Their commitment to the team requires them to be on the lanes for more than 200 days each year for training and competition, but their free time is uneventfully normal like any other married couple.

Cho earned his chance at the gold medal Friday with a 237-223 win against his teammate Shin Seung-Hyeon, and Son defeated Team USA's Liz Johnson, 232-213.

The wins will earn the couple great honor in Korea, financial rewards from the government and a mantle full of unforgettable memories.
At Sunset Station's Strike Zone Bowling Center, Henderson, Nev.
Friday's Masters results

(Winner earns gold, loser gets silver)

Son Yun-Hee, Korea def. Kim Moon-Jeong, Korea, 211-193

(Winners advance, losers tie for bronze)

Son def. Liz Johnson, United States, 232-213
Kim def. Ryu Seo-Yeon, Korea, 208-180

(Winner earns gold, loser gets silver)

Cho Young-Seon, Korea, def. Chris Barnes, United States, 254-195

(Winners advance, losers tie for bronze)

Cho def. Shin Seung-Hyeon, Korea, 237-223
Barnes def. Kim Jun-Yung, Korea, 226-214