Owens Is New Director of Technical Support at Kegel

Kegel has announced the promotion of Terry Owens to Director of Technical Support.

Owens started with Kegel in 2000 in the core manufacturing division. He quickly advanced to Quality Control Manager, a position that included serving as the final inspector for all completed lane machines.

Most recently, Owens held the position of Technical Sales Specialist, and leveraged his technical knowledge to offer help with sales, installation and general service. He also led a series of lane maintenance training courses at Kegel for both distributors and customers.

“I look forward to leading this team as they continue to offer the highest quality service for our customers,” Owens said.

While Owens’s responsibilities shift, Eric Pierson will expand into a larger role at tournaments and Championship events, providing lane maintenance support on behalf of Kegel. With his vast experience, Pierson will be an asset at these events, the company said. When not on the road, he will continue offering customer support with the Tech Support team.