PBA, H5G Brands Renew Official Jersey Agreement Through 2022

CHICAGO (May 20, 2019) – H5G Brands, the Official Jersey Provider of the Professional Bowling Association since 2013, has renewed its agreement with the PBA through July 1, 2022, representatives of both companies announced Monday.

In addition to continuing its role as PBA’s Official Jersey Provider, H5G Brands will assume management of the PBA’s online and on-site merchandise sales in a companion two-year agreement that begins July 1, PBA CEO and Commissioner Tom Clark, and H5G President Todd Molbeck confirmed.

"We are excited about expanding our partnership with H5G," Clark said. "Together we have grown the category of dye-sub bowling jerseys by helping shape player personalities and giving sponsors greater exposure. Now fans will have greater opportunities to feel closer to the PBA through H5G's new commitment towards merchandising a diverse assortment of products."

“H5G Brands has dedicated itself to enhancing the image of professional bowling ever since our relationship with the PBA began,” Molbeck said, “and our goal will continue to pursue that objective with its diverse products and contemporary designs. As promised in the beginning, we have provided PBA competitors with high-quality clothing designed for competition and we continue to re-invest in the growth of the sport.”

The merchandising agreement is new for H5G Brands, Molbeck added. His company will be responsible for merchandising sales on-site at all PBA Tour stops, through the PBA Store on pba.com and through the H5Gbrands.com website. The merchandise line will include a much larger mix of products than just jerseys and shirts when it is unveiled in September.