Reno Council to Vote on USBC Fee Hike Today

When the Reno City Council meets today, it will vote on whether to raise the per bowler fee paid to the United States Bowling Congress for the 2016 USBC Open Championships from $20 to $30.

The Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority approved the plan late last year, and it now needs the approval of the Council. RSCVA Chief Executive Officer Chris Baum told the Reno Gazette Journal that he’s confident the Council will give its approval, perhaps with some final “tweaking.”

“We have no reason to believe this can’t go forward,” Baum said. “Hopefully, it will be easy and quick meetings for the City Council and the RSCVA board.”

If approved, the amendment to the long-term contract between the RSCVA and USBC will be sent to the USBC for approval. The USBC Board is scheduled to meet tomorrow.

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