Seismic: Aftermath Pearl

49.5 Hook 15 Length 15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The powerful assymetric Insignia core provides a low RG range (2.48), a hefty Diff (.054) and mass bias strength of .016. We saw nearly 6” of track flare with the 3 and 4” layouts.

Coverstock: The pearl cover supplies average oil traction and a quick response off dry boards. Coloring is a blend of royal blue and red copper. The surface is smoothed with 4000 grit, then polished to a high gloss.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Seismic’s Ryan Press offered the following description of the new Aftermath Pearl: “Combining a new medium strength AVC-ET Pearl coverstock and a modified version of the Powerful Insignia core, the Aftermath Pearl is the perfect ‘go to’ ball for all medium and medium-heavy oil patterns.”

Test Results: The Aftermath rolls very smoothly, even though there is a pearl additive infused into the cover formula. The fact that this pearl additive is light helps the ball have slightly better traction in oil while tempering its quickness off drier boards. The core revved easily and made more of a hard arc than a flip motion when sniffing the drier boards after leaving the oil. One could say the Aftermath lineup offers a benchmark ball’s predictability with just a touch more power downlane. We also felt the Aftermath displayed better-than-average continuation downlane despite the fact its core is asymmetric in design.

When to Use: Most release styles will find a multitude of uses with the Aftermath Pearl thanks to its stronger core dynamics and average coverstock strength. The result of a stronger core-to-shell ratio is easier length through the fronts and midlane, with a touch more attitude at the breakpoint. Our favorite layouts enhanced this ratio; we loved the 60x3.5x30 layout with a P-3 weight hole. Our most conservative layout, which revved very fast with a slower move downlane, was a 35x5x65 layout with a P-2 weight hole. These two layouts were about 3-4 boards apart in total hook. Those encountering heavier oil volumes need simply scuff the 4000-grit surface with a 1500 or 1000 grit to see about 4-5 boards added hook as well as an earlier breakpoint read.