Survey shows satisfaction of USBC Open Championships participants is at an all-time high


Satisfaction with the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships is at an all-time high, according to the results of a survey of those who participated in the 2021 event in Las Vegas.

Participation expectations for the 2022 edition of the tournament, along with early registration numbers for the event's highly anticipated return to the recently renovated National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada, in 2023, provide a positive outlook for participation numbers post-pandemic.

The 2021 USBC Open Championships in Las Vegas was the fourth year of competition since the introduction of a new three-division structure designed for better peer-to-peer competition and the decision not to publish the two lane conditions until the end of the tournament in July.

Now that bowlers have experienced the changes in the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021 Open Championships, a survey was conducted to determine participants' ongoing acceptance and approval of the changes.

The 2021 Open Championships was contested at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa in an abbreviated time frame, held over 79 days from May 1-July 18, due to COVID-19 protocols and precautions.

It marked the first time in tournament history the event was held in a traditional bowling center and across two venues in the same year. Team competition took place at the South Point Bowling Plaza, and doubles/singles competition was held at the South Point Bowling Center.

With the 2020 event, scheduled for the National Bowling Stadium, canceled due to the pandemic, the event now is being hosted by South Point three consecutive times - 2019, 2021 and 2022.

The 2021 event featured 7,609 five-player teams and more than 38,000 participants.

USBC gathered 5,051 survey responses from participants in the 2021 Open Championships. Based on the 38,045 total bowlers, the number of respondents and a confidence interval of 95%, the survey has a margin of error of plus/minus 1%.

A survey of the 2021 participants showed more than 94% were either satisfied or neutral regarding key areas of the event, including customer service, host city and venue, pace of play, event operations, online registration and lane conditions.

The survey also showed that 87% of the respondents planned to compete in the 2022 Open Championships, and more than 9,500 teams are expected for the event's return to the South Point Bowling Plaza.

Other key takeaways from the survey:

* 89% of the bowlers either agree or don't have an opinion regarding the use of Championships Averages, making that one of the most positive changes for the future of the tournament.

* 82% of the bowlers agree or don't have an opinion regarding whether the lane conditions at the 2021 Open Championships were appropriate for a national championship tournament.

* 73% of bowlers agree or don't have an opinion regarding the lane patterns not being revealed until after the tournament, helping create a more level playing field for all competitors.

* Spending time with family/friends is the highest-ranked reason why people decide to bowl in the Open Championships.

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