The Anti-Tiger

BLOOMBERG NEWS HAS OFFERED the name of Tom Smallwood as the right representative for some of the companies left in a marketing lurch by Tiger Woods following the golder’s admission of serial marital infidelity.


A working stiff turned professional bowler, Smallwood is the right guy at the right time for companies seeking an athlete endorser to obliterate the paradigm.

“Forget big stars, bigger egos and petulant multimillionaires with guaranteed contracts, especially in these economic times,” wrote Scot Soshnick. “Give people an athlete who from his own experience understands that the ticket holders in the nosebleed seats had to sacrifice to bring their kids to the game... who knows what it’s like to get laid off and worry about the mortgage payment. Someone who knows what it takes to toil, dawn-to-dusk, for less money in a year than what Alex Rodriguez makes for about two innings of, uh, work.”

Smallwood’s agent, Bruce Falcon, says the former GM employee is “the anti-Tiger Woods,” adding, “He’s a good family man, a very humble guy.”

— BJI Cyber Report